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August 24, 2008


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Random Observer

Hey dumbass, Kansas State and LSU were at the bottom of the "Tier 1" schools....and there are probably 30-40 football playing D-1 schools behind them in the overall list.

Nice try, idiot.


Tier 1 is huge, a school at the bottom of it is not a very good school. Combined with the fact that a school like LSU has a terrible grad rate for its players, it really makes you question the notion that some of these guys are actually considered student athletes.


You forgot Cal at #21

Chris Williams

This ranking really makes LSU look bad to the common person reading this but the fact is LSU is a great school and I posted an article about this on my site.

The Wiz

Right on Cal. Just added to the list. ...


You can get a great education virtually anywhere if really want to. Success isn't restricted to people who attend schools in the top 25 on the list, top 50, anywhere.

However, these rankings do mean something. What is more important though, especially considering football, is the grad rates. While some schools have to take into account the higher rate of players leaving for the NFL (for example, LSU vs. Northwestern) LSU had a 51% grad rate. I am positive that LSU doesn't send almost half of their players to the NFL. It's a disservice to the players that they aren't held more accountable in the classroom


Your post doesn't make sense. There are four tiers - bashing the academics of "The Top Schools" doesn't quite fit. There are several FBS (I-A) schools in the fourth tier, and the following BCS schools are all lower ranked than the ones you mentioned (third tier):

Mississippi St
Oklahoma State
Oregon State
Texas Tech
Ole Miss
South Florida
West Virginia

I can't imagine the point of your post was to say, "Hey, look at those schools that are only at the bottom of the best!" If that is the point, then it is an odd one to make.


Wiz, you need to do better research. No doubt those schools you're making fun of are horrible academic institutions, but like others have pointed out in comments, Tier 1 schools are 'best of the rest' type schools. Your post should be focusing on unranked or lower tier schools!

And while you're soul-searching, ditch that awful "Bottom 25" series by that BCS apologist...





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My Arizona State Sun Devils on this list? Tell me it ain't so.

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