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August 18, 2008


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Simple is better, this is a jumbled and bumbled mess!


First, let me say that while I am a Georgia fan, I agree in not paying attention to the polls, at least this early in the season.

However, the polls do exist. And here's the simple explanation for the difference in them. Florida was picked by the media that covered SEC Media Days to be the winner of the SEC, not the national media. Of the over 500 media at the SEC Media Days only 70 or so actually voted this year. And with the extensive coverage Florida gets with all of the Florida newspapers compared to any of the leagues other schools, they swung more votes. Not to mention that some of the main papers that cover other schools do not let their sports writers vote in such polls.

Looking at the national polls, you eliminate the regional media coverage. You get media voting on numbers returning from last year and from impressions of team from last year. While I will admit Florida will be darn good this year, going off of last year and returning players, Georgia is favored in those regards hence the difference in national vote.

Regardless, preseason polls are just that. Pre-season. You're dead right that the last poll is the one that matters most. An obvious point. But that doesn't help fill columns before the season.

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