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October 19, 2008


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Andy loves Mandee

I love this ref. I think he should be applauded and not fined. He made a rather boring game interesting.

not a fan

I'm not a fan of American football so I don't really care what happens to the ref, but it sure looks intentional to me. Hell, I've seen athletes move and counter move in other situation and they both seemed to have had time to shift. The player didn't expect to get nailed by the ref.

The guy should at least get fined.


That ref is a beast!
I'd love to take him on!

Robert Riggione

I don`t believe what I just saw!!!


Step One: Billy Bob Joe Jack Jill clearly sees a bigtime display of bad acting. He can't resist but to watch again.

Step Two: BBJJL investigates each angle, silently surprised at how obvious that was, then decides to explain how after a careful eye, maybe it wasn't on purpose after all.

Step Three: Billy Bob focuses closely on relaying his message clearly and tactfully and hits the 'Enter' button.

Step Four:Sweet Relief, the inevitable happens, it turns 4:20

I find it accidental - it's clear that 4:20 was the Last thing on this guy's mind.

This guy likes to post, and he's not concerned with what's happening in basements and garages all across America - and who could blame him? Though, he should realize that he needs glasses cuz that was So Freaking Obvious lol


For anyone who thinks this is fake, it's not- I watched this game on Saturday night and saw this play. It didn't look like this on the live play. It just looked like the ref had to defend himself. But looking at this video it clearly looks like this ref was eyeing this player. The ref should have been eyeing the field, such as the line to looking any holding, etc. There's no reason to be staring down the QB at the time because there was no one around him at the time- it's not like he could throw a flag on him for traveling. If I remember correctly, SC had to settle for a field goal on this drive and I think this happened while they were in the end zone. You can rarely blame a failed chance (TD) on one play but this did cost him some yards


Uh the person who was defending the ref is first of all stupid(that was a given) and the guy who posted it is either the ref, a friend of the ref, or a grandson of the ref(i guess supidity is in their families genes.)

Curtis Spencer

He must have had some money on the game


I would have to give the ref a low rating because he never took the runner out! I think the ref could have done better than that especially with all his experience!


I think its funny that a ref would intentionally slide their way into contact with a quarterback. And the fact that the quarterback had enough sense to know something was a bout to go wrong says alot for their program. Like at least they can read! But seriously though I watched the clip several times and the ref intentionally went after the QB. I played football and I know when a hit was made on purpose or if it was just incidental contact. Just think if you were running up field through a gap do you think you would like being popped by the ref???? Hell no you wouldnt! Suspension is inevitable if not then clearly football has become a lonely prison sport!

Cocks Fan


heres the hit made into bud light commercial

very interesting

Granted, sometimes camera angles can be deceiving, but it definitely looks like the ref in making the play, and was tracking him down for several seconds. Either the ref was relieving his days of youth or there is a lot more to the story!

Cocks Fan


heres the hit made into bud light commercial


i would have run the next next right at the ref. fair is fair


i would have run the next play right at the ref. fair is fair


why doesn't anyone realize?

The fix is on!

Did he get paid off to do this?

Neutral party

If you go back to the video and watch just Garcia and pay no attention to the ref you see that he cuts back right into the line of the ref. Then watch the video again and just watch the ref you see him shuffle his feet like he is trying to decide which line to take. Now go back and try to pay attention to both. Just my opinion being in this situation myself before i think they were both trying to figure out what the other was going to do. Although the ref looks as though it could have been intentional i think he may have been just preparing for a hard hit from a fully padded Garcia.

Yeaa baby

Lay him out Ref!...it's stupid fuck football fans who cheer when an Ump get's laid out. This mutha fucking RB got laid out by a padless person. That's how the game is suppose to be played. From the Origins of Association Football "Soccer" to Rugby. Hit them without the pads.


Sorry guys But have to agree the ref needs to go back to sandlot ball, or lower. Clearly unprofessional at least, he took at LEAST two step toward the runner AND threw an obvious forearm. If the SEC doesn't investigate this they are just plain wrong. Maybe it was old instincts coming back, if that's the case he doesn't belong on the field. Maybe it's something worse like a gambling habit, I sure don't know, but in a close game a "mistake" like that could cost some team a championship. Hey I really don't care who won, I'm a Big 12 fan anyway, it's just MY 2 cents worth.


Actually, if you look closely at the last few seconds before impact, the ref double stops for a split second, double steps while tracking the QB and the lunges at the QB's SIDE, causing him to stumble and get taken down.


*Actually, if you look closely at the last few seconds before impact, the ref hesitates at one point, double steps while tracking the QB, and the lunges at the QB's SIDE, causing him to stumble and get taken down.


I keep reading people calling this fake.... it is not fake ESPN spent a good amount of time on it today.... I think its real and the official has issues with people talking about politics...


Are you serious, BBJJL? You've got to be blind! Here's what happened, just from THAT video:
1: The ball is hiked
2: Garcia runs to his right, the umpire is watching the pile.
3: Garcia cuts to his left, the ump starts moving right, presumably to keep his eyes on the ball carrier and the action
4: It looks like the umpire can see him when there's still three yards of seperation, on his second hop.
4: The ump chops his feet: he has the option of either staying where he is or moving left/diagonaly forward. He would have definitely not gotten in ANYONE'S way moving left/diagonaly forward.
5: Garcia turns a little more downfield, aiming to run by him (so Garcia would have brushed past the ump with him on his right if he stayed there), and practically simultaneously the Ump moves forward/right straight into Garcia.
6: Garcia let's his hips go so he doesn't run the man over (you can see his right leg straighten out towards the ump as he tries to kill his momentum). The ump makes contact, knocking him back
7: LSU player follows up for the tackle.

Whether the ump intended to hit him from the moment he saw Garcia cut back left or not we'll never know, but to move IN FRONT of the guy when he was almost past you is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. He's either inept, corrupt, or so thoroughly trained that his subconscious and muscle memory just took over when he saw Garcia coming. Personally, since he was a linebacker at Kentucky, I think it was the second or third. And since Carolina had just beat Kentucky last game, I want to say he's a corrupt asshole.


We need to make it so that the ump is still young and fully padded. If your going to be a part of the playing field, then you should be able to take as much impact as one of the players. Garcia should have just run him over. I mean, normally a 6'2", 220 lb man has no excuse to run an old man over, but this is football, not helping little old ladies cross the street. Should have taken the chance to tell the refs "Welcome to the SEC!" (even though he's technically FROM the SEC, being a former Kentucky LB).

Joe H

Hey Billy Bob Stevens whatever...it would be one thing if the ref was defending himself...but when he sidesteps 3-4 yards to line up with the QB before hitting him it's a problem....idiot

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