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December 07, 2008


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Vegas Insider did you wrong...the Gators opened 1.5 and moved to 3...


Jay Christensen

Thanks for that, JoeFann. Vegas Insider does appear to be wrong. Correction made.


To be fair, the BCS didn't put together all of those games. The Orange and Rose Bowl both have their traditional tie-ins in place, so their matchups are just bad luck. Alabama and Texas both went to the bowl they would have been invited to had they won their conferences and not been eligible for the national title game.

I don't see how there could have been many other matchups available that would have been any better. The season just turned out the way it did and the teams that made it in are deserving. Sometimes we just get a dud slate of games.


About the only thing that really should have been done is that Ohio State and Utah should be flipped. It'd make ratings a little worse for the Fiesta (Utah's not Ohio State, but they're quite popular in the mountain west; making the trek out to Nawlins is a bit much, though), and a lot better for the Sugar.

Tired of the Whining

Aren't these all (or at least most of)the teams that you playoff proponents have been arguing should be involved in a playoff? How would playoff seeding have made the spreads any closer or the match-ups any more compelling?


so nobody wants to see texas-bama?

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