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December 03, 2008


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Todd E. Jones

Fired or resigned? Does it really matter? Such an unfortunate way for the Tuberville era to end. He was a great coach at Auburn. I don't think they get Petrino, and Leach might not fit in at Alabama. I know who they probably should go after, but I ain't saying.

College Football Sports News

And now the search begins for Tuberville. There a few names being thrown out there but you can pretty much dismiss each name: Jimbo Fisher (head coach in waiting at FSU), Will Muschamp (head coach in waiting at Texas), Steve Spurrier - it's been said that he would listen if Auburn called, Bobby Patrino (can't sign with a SEC school), Mike Leach (wouldn't be a good fit in a SEC school). Either way there will be some big shoes to fill.

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