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December 07, 2008


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Auburn is set to interview hm this week, and isn't he also said to be in the mix for Syracuse?

Todd E. Jones

I think Turner Gill is a good hire too. I saw it last year with what he accomplished, but what he did this year is down right awesome. He deserves consideration. I thought Nebraska should have gone with him, but they didn't. Gill will be somewhere else with in a few years. I also think someone should take a look at Charlie Strong. Strong, an African American too, is from my hometown of Batesville, AR which automatically makes him great. He is also a Broyles Award finalist for his work as Defensive Coordinator at Florida.


that interview clip of him was inspiring. need to learn more about him but would be better than some of the other names that hav been tosed around, like that tex tech wierdo


Will Collier

If I had to bet, I would bet you that Gill is the leading candidate for the Auburn job right now. He's definitely the fan favorite at the moment.

C Ed

Numerous reports have him on the short list at Auburn. That's the highest profile gig out there right now. I think you don't hear his name more because people are still in shock that Buffalo actually won a few games this year.


Hopefully the media will pull there heads out of their butts and not rake a school over the coals for firing an African American head coach after three years. Willingham has been gone from Notre Dame for 4 years and the media is still hammering Notre Dame, even though Willingham just finished 0-12.

GA Hill

Coach Gill is an incredible guy.

Why he isn't getting more credit is a bit surprising, but not a total shocker. I think the reason he hasn't had as much attention is because he was such a "good soldier" at Nebraska, meaning he never politiced for other jobs while he was here. The way things were supposed to go was for Coach Solich to keep things going for a few years and then hand the reigns to Turner when it was time. I'm guessing that he wasn't much on the national radar because he never went through the interviewing process anywhere until the end of year 1 of the Callahan era.

It's easy to say that Turner should have been given the shot over Coach Pelini, and I seriously cannot imagine the anguish that Tom Osborne went through on that hire. Osborne was a flipping groomsman in Turner's wedding.

But Osborne was looking for a defensive guy, and wanted someone who knew Nebraska's "lay of the land." Obviously Pelini fit those two categories. And I think Pelini is going to be a hell of a coach. Nebraska is legitimately a couple of turnovers away from being 10-2 after going 5-7 last year.

On the other hand, Turner was just coming off his second season as a head coach, and had previously never been a coordinator. Pelini had been one of the top defensive coordinators in the country for 5 years.

Long story short, I suppose, is that I can see why Osborne picked Bo. And I think that it was pretty much 50/50 as to people's opinion of who should be hired, but 90/10 in that either way, Nebraskans were going to be happy.

I sincerely hope that Coach Gill gets that Auburn job and just kills it, although I wouldn't wish that job on anybody. I would probably prefer for him to go to Syracuse--pretty much the same thing as Buffalo in that any improvement shown will make people happy, except that he can get to BCS games at Syracuse (and obviously make a lot more money).

ANYWAY, a good post about a guy that deserves every bit of attention he receives.

I think the media still rake Notre Dame over the coals because they canned Willingham after three years, something Notre Dame never does (just look at this year w/ Charlie, whose career compares favorably with Ty's).

I went to Nebraska, and there were quite a few people who were upset that Turner didn't get the job there last season (not as many now that Bo looks to be doing a pretty good job). What he's done at Buffalo is nothing short of amazing. I hope he gets a great job soon, but given the short leash that Auburn is showing it now has, he better succeed right away if he gets the job.

Kyle (University at Buffalo)

We're amazingly proud of Turner Gill here at UB. The man is responsible for giving students here hope in our program, for allowing us to believe that a season such as this was possible. And I agree, it's completely absurd that minorities are under-represented to such a ridiculous degree in college football.

But while it's very nice of small-time teams to develop a coach for the Syracuses and Nebraskas and wahh-my-high-profile-team-sucks-this-year universities... well, thanks but no thanks. We're quite happy with Turner Gill and hope he continues to build upon his incredible success here at UB. Get your own!


To the Notre Dame apologist: The same media who raked Notre Dame over the coals is the same one who tried anoint Charlie Weis the second coming, but you forgot that, didn't you. Convenient, no wonder Notre Dame is in the toilet.

As for Gill, that's a man, a real man. Not some fat blowhard who has proved nothing. He put his heart and soul in Buffalo and made them winners. If you noticed after those long fumble recovery touchdowns there was no look-at-me celebrations. Whereas they're lucky to be in the Hawaii Bowl in South Bend.

I hated Turner Gill when he played for Nebraska because frankly Nebraska was worth hating back then. I do nothing but cheer for the man now, because unlike the Charlie Weis, this man is about substance, not style.


One for thing Mr. Notre Dame apologist: Ty Willingham got fired from UW, are they being raked over the coals? You see going 0-12 will lose your support from the media. Maybe Notre Dumb was raked over the coals because they threw a good man under the bus for the latest thing. Only that latest thing, Charlie Weis, won with Ty's players and can't win with his own.


I hope Nebraska fans are watching what Gill accomplished in Buffalo, because he would have fared infinitely better with the Huskers than Bill Callahan or Bo Pelini, who got a job based on riding other people's coattails with some phenomenal teams.

Turner Gill deserved coach of the year votes for getting Buffalo to a four win team, winning the MAC should get him canonized.

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