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December 01, 2008


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The Pac-10 should man up, add 2 teams, and have a championship game.

You sure do bitch alot about college football (outside California only of course). Is there anything you like about the sport?

In my opinion, I love the bowl set up and would simply like to incorporate a plus one system.

Jay Christensen

The Pac-10 doesn't need to play a conference championship game because it already plays a round-robin schedule.

es ay eL from en jae

you scared me... you have UCLA as a 30.5 point fav. either you meant to put that for USC or you forgot the plus sign...

C Ed

@ Wiz

Okay, so you're not for conference championship games and you're not for having all these minor bowls. I'm just curious - what is your ideal college football landscape? Given your "cram for finals" reason on the championship games I would think you wouldn't want a playoff as that would pull these student-athletes out of the classroom more.

Not that you asked for them but let me present an idea for a future post. You could call it the "Wiz Manifesto". You could outline your ideal college football landscape. Something along the lines of "Given 119 teams I would have X number of conferences (or perhaps no conferences). Teams would play X number of conference games and X number of out of conference games. There would be X number of polls and they would play role X. The post season (bowl, tourney, or otherwise) would consist of..."

Something along those lines. You could break it up into multiple posts as I would imagine something like this could take a while. That way we all know where the Wiz stands instead of attempting to piece it together from other posts.

I'm pretty sure it's something your readers would be interested in. (If for no other reason than to give us all something else to argue about!)

Jay Christensen

Correction made on the USC line. As for the 'Wiz Manifesto,' here's what I am for:

1) elimination of I-A teams playing I-AA opponents.
2. a 16-team playoff.

As for the bowl system, it can still exist to serve teams that don't make the playoff, just like the NIT exists to serve teams that don't make the NCAA basketball tournament. There would likely be a thinning of the bowl herd, but there's already too many crappy bowl games as is.

C Ed

I agree 100% - 1-A teams should not be playing 1-AA opponents.

As far as the 16 team playoff - how would you work this in? I'm assuming you'd shorten the regular season but by how much? You'd be talking about a months worth of games (4) for the 2 teams that made it through to the finals. These games would have to run through the month of December messing with the finals schedules (of the academic variety) you said the conference championship games take the student athletes away from.

Also, how would you determine which 16 teams made it in?

I'm not necessarily for or against your idea, I'm just curious as to how it would be implemented.

Jay Christensen

They've figured out how to do it in I-AA, where teams still play 12 regular season games. The championship is Dec. 19. It's not that difficult.

C Ed

I guess I was just trying to clear up some contradictions. You dismissed the conference championship games because they take the kids out of school longer than necessary (even though the Big East, PAC 10, etc... are still playing regular season games through this week). Then you advocated a potential 16 game season (12 regular season games plus 4 playoff games) for the two teams lucky enough to make it through to the final.

You're right, it shouldn't be difficult to get a playoff in place. Given your view that the kids are out of school too much already though I think it becomes difficult. Especially given that this playoff would have to end, at the earliest, on New Year's Day.

Do you really think the kids are missing too much class or did you just feel like using that as an excuse to slam the conferences that have a championship game? Again, just trying to clear up some contradictions. Not that difficult, right?

Jay Christensen

In a playoff format, class time would become an issue for only 16 teams, not 68, which is what we have with the bowl system.

But let's be honest here, for every Myron Rolle there are 10 Byron Hanspards. I made that "student-athlete" comment in jest.

C Ed

You got that right. Although the ratio might be more like 1 to 1000.

It's all good man. I'm just a reader out here bustin' chops - trying to keep ya honest.

I actually prefer the system we have now (although the plus one model could be a nice change). I like the chaos and the fact that things aren't always fair (the exact reasons everyone else hates it). It gives us all something to argue about year round. I feel like it ultimately makes us more passionate about the teams and conferences we support.

I like the chaos, unfairness, and the debate that goes along with the BCS. Most don't though and I understand why they'd want a playoff.

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