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January 09, 2009


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This entire scenario is lame.
The pictures should be and are harmless.
Posting the pictures - lame.
Forcing Eddy out - lame.
Cindy posting heresay - lame.
Anyone outraged - lame.

We will miss you Eddy. Thank you for all the memories. You deserve better. Don't let an idiot with a camera, and about 25 people who think this is a big deal, jade you. Go Hawks.


I would like to do more than touch her breast


Dear Wiz of Odds:

Fuck You.

Every Hawkeye fan.


Dear Wiz of Losers,

Get a fucking life. I hate Iowa football, but this...this is just bullshit. I hope you lose your job over some photos of you having a few too many beers on a Saturday night while flirting with that dude you so desire to hook up with.

Every person who has ever drank and flirted (so 99% of the US population)

I would have looked down her shirt too! Look at her - - she's smokin' hot!

I would have looked down her shirt too! Look at her - - she's smokin' hot!


went to high school with her and the girl in the foreground- not surprised...

and the guy in the yellow shirt- their basketball coach that was always a little too creepy

Dennis Smeltzer

Ed was doing what most men do, look

Dennis Smeltzer

Ed eas doing what most men do, look


Whore.....and I expected better from Eddie

donny mugshots


Ross Rayner

Didn't hurt Bob Hanson, that he got a DUI while attending anniversary of the 1980 Finla Four team. This is about Learfield, not U of I isn't it? Tough situation. Sorry it happened.


Oh please - this is about as stupid as Larry Eustachy's pics - give us all a break! I had the pleasure of having a vodka with Ed and Jim Zobel in I.C. after a Penn State game - they were both among the nicest people in the world. This is racy? Maybe you should have kicked out all of those "chicks" taking off their clothes on the Girls Gone Wild video too! We're Iowans, we drink and we like to have fun ... get over yourselves! Good luck Ed, thanks for the memories and the great commentary. Shame on you Leafield and U of I - I'm a very disappointed alum right now!


What goes around comes around. Do you really think this is an ISU fan that shot this photo? Wise up! Any self respecting fan of Iowa State would be nowhere close to a bar full of celebrating Hawk Drunks. This one came from within! Some Iowa fan has had enough of Eddy's drinking, and blew the whistle. But the Hawkeye Nation needs someone they can blame......who better than an Iowa State Fan. And the hate goes on.......


You're a jerk, but Gary Barta is a bigger jerk.


I know that girl and her parents, she went to HS with my daughter, which makes her about 22-23. I am sure they are so proud. Letcherous old coot...


Those who have to be soooo Politically Correct need to get a Life!!


Ed Podolak is right up there with Len Dawson and Otis Taylor in the glorious past of the Kansas City Chiefs. I would suggest each of them, as well as virtually every other NFL player, has had their bad moments and/or deficiencies, just as we all have had in our lives. Some are more publicized than others. However, despite whatever drinking problem Podolak might have, these photos don't qualify as some career ending scandal--whether Ed was contemplating retirement or not. Ed Podolak will always be beloved in KC, and is not deserving of such tabloid anal gazing. If he needs help, I hope he gets it. If not, I hope he proceeds successfully with his life. He's got a lifetime of achievement to be proud of, and a few petty photos mean nothing by comparison.


Ed won a large Lawsuit from a Plastic Company supplier and I asked him what he was going to do with the money. His response was " Take care of my parents and family and build a Park close to Basalt for kids. Couldn't find a better guy !!!! Gary S

Gary Shull

I have known Ed ever since he
played for the Kansas City Chiefs.
He was and is a 1st Class guy in
all respects !!!! If you looked up
the word Friend in the Dictionary
I would bet you would see Ed's Photo.
Ed is a Great Family Man and Friend.Gary S

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