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January 03, 2009


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Mike Leach, hmmmm. Well it is obvious to me that they spent little time practicing for Miss. I mean with Leach having to to keep his resume in top shape, and Herrell and Crabtree figuring out how to spend their NFL bonus money, who had time for game prep?


I believe there is some merit to the OOC schedule. However, OU and UT have dominated everyone over the last 10 years, so that's not really fair.


What about OU and UT's OOC schedule? Looks pretty similar to Tech's.


The Big 12 has the system figured out. Snyder set the precedent when he went out and scheduled four cupcakes at the beginning of every year. Go 4-0, beat a couple of conference opponents and you'll find yourself in the top 10 before you've actually hit the meat of your schedule. If the Pac 10 would employ this same strategy they'd find themselves with 2 BCS teams and 9 bowl qualified teams. Just like the SEC and Big 12. Big 12 South is 0-2 so far and will be lucky to find themselves 1-3 before it's all done.

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