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January 25, 2009


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Ridiculous. Saban really is like that psycho boyfriend who says, "I just can't live without you! Don't you go to that party!"

I wonder how long it'll take that attitude to wear then at Alabama.

gerry dorsey

ben i don't know where your loyalties lie, but there aren't many schools out recruiting saban over the last 24 months. so if its alright with you, i'm gonna hang on to the "psycho boyfriend."


Saban is one of those guys that basically everyone hates, but any real fan would welcome him with open arms to their program. Sub you favorite team with Bama and your biggest rival w/ UT, and im sure youll be agreeing with Gerry.

Ryan Ponder

so Ben, Saban's your boyfriend?...keep that kind of info to yourself!

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