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January 03, 2009


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how is that hypocritical by shannon. he allowed his son to transfer to his school and his setting restrictions on where marve can go. how is that hypocritical.

I had a feeling you would inevitably try to spin this into a 'don't send your kid to play for Miami' article.


how does shannon have any say in marves transfer, once he leaves school?

Jay Christensen

Under NCAA transfer rules, Shannon can put restrictions on any I-A team Marve would like to attend directly out of Miami. Marve could attend a junior college for one year and once again become a recruitable player -- free of Shannon's restrictions.


You forgot to mention that Xavier Shannon Graduated in 3 years while at FIU. Under NCAA rules he is allowed to transfer if he has graduated and has eligibility left.

Also missing from this article are the off the field problems Marve has had. He was involved in an accident before his freshmen year which caused him to miss the entire year (he wouls have played if healthy). Marve also had problems showing up for class on time, which caused a suspension.

If Marve plays his freshmen year and doesn't get suspended, my guess his he is not looking for a new school.

So, there is plenty of blame to go around, and Marve can look in the mirror for the person most responsible for this.

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