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January 18, 2009


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Well, I guess that makes it alright then. Congrats on your first scalp. Whose next?


Podolak, the person who took the pictures, and the person who posted the pictures on the Iowa State website are completely blameless. It's all the Wiz's fault, right?

sick of naysayers

Congrats on your first scalp.

Idiots such as yourself said that about Bob Woodword. But you have a right to your wrongheaded opinion, the beauty of this country.


Good point, sick of naysayers....

Bob Woodward's exposing of wrong doing and corruption at the highest levels of government and the Wiz's posting of pictures of a drunken sportscaster are about equal. Guess I didn't see it at first.

It is this idiot's opinion that the posting of the pics sullied a stellar site (Wrongheaded? Maybe). A site I visit daily because it is loaded with sports info that I find interesting and one that I will continue to visit everyday. I, for one, didn't find the pics consistent with the usual quality of the site. But, that is my opinion and that is my right, which is the beauty of this country.

Joe the Fann for President

Joe the "Fann":

Your extremely harsh and sophomoric sarcastic message about scalping is not consistent with an anonymous "fan." Thanks for the education on Woodward; nice look up on Wikipedia as you were not born during Watergate. You have an ax to grind. You sound bitter and jealous of the Wiz. Why don't you start up your own college football blog and show to all how it's really done. Already have one? Then shut up and blog. The beauty of this country.

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