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February 10, 2009


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The difference is that when Spurrier tweaked his rivals, he did it because he thought he was being funny, not because he was trying to take shots across others' bows. He also didn't accuse anyone of anything unless he knew it was wrong.

And the biggest difference is that he started running his mouth after he actually won something. In his first year, his only public witticism about another team was in regards to Auburn, a team he beat 48-7 that year.

If Kiffin wants to pop off about other schools after he's beaten them, that's fine. The problem is his career record as a head coach is 5-15. He hasn't earned that right yet.


Lane Kiffin came in and made a big impact on the team. I think it will backfire but good for them for having something to look forward to I guess.

Telling everyone you are going to beat Florida in the swamp and calling out Urban Meyer for cheating probably wasn't a good idea though.

Here is the rest of what Lane has done so far at UT.



The above comparison of events is beyond stupid. This Kiffen boy accused Meyer of something that was inaccurate.

Spurrier never did that. FSU was guilty of getting free shoes in The Footlocker Scandal. Meyer was guilty of nothing in recruiting the kid this Kiffen boy was referring to.

Are you able to tell that...oh so slight... difference? I guess not.

The day Tennessee announced this Kiffen person as their new head coach, he said he looked forward to singing Rocky top all night after beating Florida at Florida Field this Sept. No one at Florida said a word. Message boards chuckled and I'm sure it will come up in Sept. But it was no big deal.

But wrongly accuse a head coach of cheating?

Whoever wrote the above article equating Spurrier's jabs vs Kitten's cheating allegation is an idiot. Almost as idiotic as this Tennessee coach.


You talk smack after you have achieved something, not beforehand. That's the difference between Kiffin and Spurrier. It was ok when Spurrier did it because could back it up.

When Florida rolls them by 70 this year, Kiffin is going to look like a moron.

Book it.

austiger (the LSU variety)

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