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March 30, 2009


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Johnny Reb

This story is a joke right. A person would have to be really really stupid to believe this.


It's some nonsense a few Auburn fans have been spreading around. It's like the telephone game. Each one of them who has received it embellishes it just a bit more. Then they go to every blog and message board, trying to make it look like it's from a real journalist or sports editor.

The truth is, a few of who report on sports for a living did some digging on this (you know, REAL journalism?) and found it to be completely unsubstantiated. I'm writing because the actions of a few frauds are smearing the good name of real reporting, and I'm tired of it.


Noway Saban said "You know you have a chance to start at Alabama at right tackle as a sophomore". Saban is all about open competition and has never told a single player that he is guaranteed a job. Or, for that matter, doesn't have a job his freshman year. In every other recruits quotes, you see something like "Saban said I can come in and compete for a starting job." I am sure he told Massie he would have an opportunity to compete for a starting job at either tackle position. He would never tell any recruit that some other guy has his job already (i.e., D.J. Fluker). Massie probably got scared when Saban told he had to compete for the job and, instead, went to a place where he knew he could start no matter what. This story was obviously made up my an Ole Miss fan.


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sports cappers

what a story indeed :). they forgot what were they doing and started this soae opera business. shame

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