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March 31, 2009


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Anytime some politician comes in and says "it's not fair", look out. When they are done making it "fair", everything will be screwed up and nobody will be happy. Anyways, aren't there more important things for a politician to concern themselves with other than how a national championship is picked in college football?


It is the role of government to enforce anti-trust laws and NCAA football is a multi-million dollar industry.

I also mistrust politicians talking about making things "fair." However, in this case, I believe that, at least an investigation is warranted. There are a lot of shady relationships and deals going on over these bowls that have been reported on in the past. But, nothing ever changes. I don't see change ever coming from within that system. So, I applaud Hatch.

And any time some stodger at the failing LA Times lambasts a person, it's probably because that person is doing something right.

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