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March 05, 2009


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Lou's appearance on Hannity moved him up a notch in my book.

Science Matters

I did not think this was possible, but Lou knows even less about politics and science than he does about college football.

the Chef

Thish whole economic mesh is shimple - all you need ish balanch. Pash the balanch budget, make shur Wall Schtreet is running properly, and play good defenshe. That'sh all there ish to it!


Is that the same Keith Olbermann who constantly refers to his "Ivy League Cornell" education? Only, he really went to the non-ivy-league Cornell school of agriculture?

I'm no fan of Lou. But, I think it's about time that Keith take his own rightful position as the worst person in the world.


From the Cornell University website: "Cornell University is both a private endowed university and the federal land-grant institution of New York State. Each of the fourteen colleges and schools listed below defines its own academic programs; admits its own students; provides a faculty, and advising and support for its students; and confers degrees on its own students, although all degrees are attributed to Cornell University."

Cornell teams are indeed in the Ivy League and are composed of athletes from any of the colleges. The first football player I checked was enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

As a regular viewer of Olbermann, I've never heard him mention being a Cornell graduate until addressing the attack by Coulter.


Olbermann Fan,

Do you not realize that the information you describe SUPPORTS the point I made? The admission standards of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are their own and about the same as any average state school. Therefore, it is ridiculous to claim having an "Ivy League Education" implying some resemblance to the difficult-to-get-in-to Cornell.

I am not a regular Olbermann watcher and I've still heard him reference it when he has joined sports commenting teams. So, I have to believe that he does so on his show as well.

Also, do you see the irony in bringing up "the attack by Ann Coulter" on a guy who has a regular segment called "Worst Person In The World?"


I think what you are describing is what Stephen Colbert calls truthiness. Your reality is whatever you choose it to be, whether supported by facts or not.

If you want to believe some degrees from Cornell are Ivy League degrees, and other degrees from Cornell are not Ivy League degrees, by all means continue to live in your little delusional world.


An Olbermann fan who is also a Colbert fan. How could anyone have guessed?! Bill Maher is scheduled on the DVR, isn't he? At least one Michael Moore DVD collecting dust on a shelf?

I think that what you're describing is what I call the TV Dinner Perspective. The one that mistakes smug glibness as merit. Positions that are easy to subscribe to because they are also funny and fit into 3-second sound-bytes with goofy supporting graphics. It must be true of you since I have offered facts to support my position and the only one you have provided also supports mine. Yet, you are ready to move on to claiming better facts and quoting the wise and all-knowing Colbert. That ought to do it! Scare him away with a tv personality regarded by many to be cool!


There are differences between the private, endowed colleges of Cornell University and the contract, New York State colleges run by Cornell University. You'll notice that the private colleges are referred to just as the college, a division of Cornell University and the contract schools are referred to as New York State colleges AT Cornell University. As one would suspect, and as "reason" has already pointed out, admissions standards, average SAT's, etc. are different between schools.

When people refer to an "Ivy League Education", the implication is that they went to a school that was difficult to get in to. There is a certain prestige that goes along with the histories of the schools, the people that graduated from them, etc. Getting a BA from The New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and claiming to have an "Ivy League Education" is like taking extension courses at Harvard and then calling yourself "a Harvard man." Was your education technically in the Ivy League? Yes. Is it distinguished from the difficulty and experience from No-Name State? No.

Anyway, I'm sorry that you are taking it so hard that one of the people you listen to regularly is a fraud. Hopefully, you will one day possess your own facts and opinions and won't have to rely on the flimsy merit of tv personalities.

Barrell Ryder

Olberman is a nobody, he isn't a polarizing figure because he has no purpose, he went from a sub par ESPN anchor to cable finance talking head to politico. This guy has never established a niche proffesionally. He comes across as a quasi-elitist. He clearly lacks expertise in any area and this makes him lack credibility overall. He has now resorted to Jerry Springer and Bill O'Reilly-esque delivery. He is not in the top of his proffesion and I'm sure the ratings of his programs will support that.

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