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April 15, 2009


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Bryant Denny

I think this is a cool story. I would like to see him get a shot.



Anyone else find it ironic that this site's motto is "A College Football Site for Winners," yet this article is about Duke and Michigan??



There is no way Paulus is starting at Michigan. No. Way. We have already coronated Tate and thus Paulus will be our hand signal candidate for Heisman with Coner. And Bryant Denny, we'll be back. With weapons. (On a side note, remember Tom Brady, Shaun Alexander at the Orange Bowl? Who won? Alabama'$ kicker lost it as I seem to recall...)


sorry I thought you made the Troll post. My apologies, good season Tide.


I think DickRod is REALLY desperate.

Lenord TheWord Smith

Ya look at Mich. now We Tate Forcier who has more talent than Paulus and is only a young rook and we have the shoe lace crook who can cook the books with just A no look, so ya Paulus sucks

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