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May 21, 2009


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Delany should not be concerned that the president favors a playoff system. I find all the attention paid to the idea that the president favors a playoff system by the college football blogosphere to be ridiculous. Just because the president wants a playoff system, it doesn't be that he's going to go on a crusade to make it happen. Obama's comments were mildly interesting, but thoroughly without consequence.

With that said, Delany is utterly wrong all the playoff issue. He's not concerned about the integrity of the regular season or the role of the Rose Bowl, he simply does not want a playoff like many of the other bigwigs in college football. He's simply covering what he really thinks with excuses. If he expects anyone to believe the sincerity of what he is saying, he is an utter moron. I don't think he's an idiot, so therefore he doesn't care what people think. He's got college presidents behind him, everyone else be damned.


Another stuck up BIG 10 ass. The playoff is coming in 2010 by the UTAH lawsuit or a congressional investigation.


The Big 10 being condescending toward people that don't agree with their traditionalist way of thinking? What?!? Never would have believed it! Crazy! I know they believe they really believe the way they do things makes them better than everyone else, but who would have ever thought they'd condescend to the U.S. President? I didn't even think they felt the need to acknowledge the U.S. President's existence; that even bothering to acknowledge the President and condescend to him was beneath them.

In semi-seriousness, its the same reason they haven't added a 12th team (and I've heard this from alumni/fans of multiple Big 10 schools): with the possible exception of Notre Dame, they really don't think any of the potential teams they could add are good enough for the Big 10, academically or athletically - some think they stooped when they added Penn State. The sneering way they say it is priceless...


Well, and let's not forget the snootiness that the Big 10(11) and Pac-10 exhibit is what lead to the BCS in the first place.

Maybe if teams like Michigan would have had the cojones to face Nebraska in the Orange Bowl instead of traveling to an antiquated concept of a (Rose) bowl and almost choking to a #10 WSU, we could have avoided the BCS mess as a whole.

It's just like the Big 10(11) and the Pac-10 to be a pain in everyone's arse. They've helped ruin ESPN college football coverage, they brought the BCS upon us...is there anything good that these conferences have done?

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