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May 21, 2009


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Just as I suspected, the Utah Attorney General is grandstanding for higher political office. What a shock!


The moron leading the charge for a playoff feels that America is slipping towards "Socialism"! Ugh!


What isn't new re: politicians grandstanding on issues to obtain a higher position or office? As Robot Chicken would say, "what a twist!"

And I've said this ad nauseam, but there are Div 1-A programs that not only operate in the black, but don't take taxpayer money for their athletic programs (e.g. Nebraska, Tennessee, Alabama).

Perhaps the NCAA should make strides to review what these programs do right and do something right for a change, like force Div 1-A programs off the taxpayer's teat.

There's no good reason at all that a program like Texas-Austin supplements their athletic dept. with taxpayer money. Put that money to better use.

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