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May 05, 2009


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In my opinion, he’s not qualified to answer those questions," said Patterson, who says that Smith attended just one of 18 spring practices, along with the spring game. "I am."

If anything this kid should be kicked off the show for failure to do his homework properly. If I handed in an academic paper with only 1/18th of the material read I'd likely perform poorly. If this kid can't get off his ass to go to more than 1 practice I agree with kicking him off the sports show.

It seems to me this is a non-story. This guy got on the college TV, spouted off some random babble that made it clear he had done no research and was just trying to stir the pot and as a result the college kicked him out of their TV studio. Let his air time go to a student who actually does the work associated with the job, things like going to practices, scouting, taking notes, etc.


I don't know. He seemed pretty reasonable to me. Even if his take on the player situation is wrong, he delivered his opinion in a professional manner.

His departing points are right, imo.

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