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June 01, 2009


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Yeah, the whole thing is fishy, but if anything can be learned by the fiascos at USC, Texas, and Oklahoma as of late, it's either

a) the NCAA either doesn't care as long as you're at the top of your game and are bringing in money and butts in front of TVs


b) the NCAA is too incompetent to investigate and enforce it's own rules and regulations.

Unless the NCAA puts their big girl britches on an enforces what they've got on the books, things are going to spiral out of control until the point where schools are flat-out paying players again (if they aren't already).

Hasn't the sport learned anything from the crooked and contemptuous ways of the SWC? This kind of crap killed their conference--letting this crap flow into the national landscape will ultimately kill the sport.


His mom bought him the tickets. The family has plenty of money. Way to cast completely unfair aspersions - really impressive journalism!

Larry Brown

I wish my mom bought me courtside tickets to see the Lakers while I was in college.

George P Burdell

Tebow was also in the Luxury Suites at Raymond James Stadium for the Superbowl. Wonder if "mom" popped for those too.

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