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June 12, 2009


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I have to agree with the pundits--this is more or less a green light for cheating by the NCAA.

Between this, the lack of investigation at USC, and the meteoric rise of former programs that were (are) synonymous with cheating (read: The Big XII South, sans OSU), it seems that integrity and honesty are out the window now. And that's a shame, because those are traits that we as a nation seem to lack any more.


This should not have fallen under NCAA jurisdiction period. The only party victimized in this was the University of Alabama, not the NCAA and not the SEC. No competitive advantage was gained on the field or off. It was not some sinister draconian plan drawn up by the Board of Trustees or Bear Jr. to somehow achieve football supremacy through textbooks. It is lunacy to believe Alabama was trying to lure recruits with promises of extra schoolbooks.

Out of 201 athletes UA’s investigation only turned up (and the NCAA accepts) 22 “intentional wrongdoers.” I believe, although UA did not find nor did the NCAA accuse, that these are the ones intentionally scamming the system for profit however small, let’s face it even the largest amount stolen from UA individually ($3900)wouldn’t cover the mortgage/rent or even monthly expenses of half of those reading this. So let’s say for the sake of argument that some or all of those 22 did profit, how is that any of the NCAA‘s business? There was no competitive advantage gained and the crime was committed against UA. Those 22 student-athletes violated their scholarships by intentionally defrauding the University.

Yet somehow the NCAA finds a way, through the labyrinth of oxymoron’s, double talk and insanity they call the NCAA rule book, to stick their fat money grubbing nose where it has no business. A 43.000 dollar fine for what? The students have already paid restitution to the victim (UA). That amount would not even make a dent in Nick Saban’s piggybank let alone UA’s athletic budget, i’m not saying that they are doing this for money but come on what’s the point?

The NCAA is nothing more than good ole’ boys/fat cats club and if you’re not one of them you are SOL. They either slam you for doing what others do (see USC, Oklahoma, OSU, etc.) or drag your schools name threw the mud and embarrass you for something that doesn’t add up to squat; simply because they can.

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