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June 22, 2009


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Nick Saban should never ever use the words, honesty, and, integrity, in a sentence because he is neither. Ask the Miami Dolphins, and the LSU Tigers about Saban's honesty and integrity.

As to the broader issue, coaches are getting pissy because something they cannot control has an impact on their livelihood. Shocking. Just shocking.

Someone (how about me) needs to tell these overpaid blowhards to shut their pie holes.

Jimmy Pritchard

What's much funnier about Flipper's comment is, the Alabama Rivals site (BamaOnline) is notorious for employing full-on recruiters for the "home team" as their "reporters." I can't think of another recruiting page with a reputation as bad as BOL's. Funny, I don't see little Nicky complaining about them...


"all those guys that work out there for [recruiting sites] are for the school."

So which one is working for Alabama?


Like always, technology brings great things and more ways to screw things up


People will always find ways to cheat the system. As far as these players getting wrong information from the site, athletes constantly get misinformation.....as do non-athletes who commit to the wrong school as they were misinfomred.....It is up to these athletes, student-athletes to figure it out...if they are going to a 4-year school..they should be able to...

Who cares if someone e-mailed an athlete saying this school has a high incidence of students who are arretsed? There are 100 people giving this top recruit information and it is all conflicting...

If these sites have good reputations the people who work there aren't going to do anything to screw it up...if they break the rules the site will lose its reputation....It is really that simple...it really is....

Lots of sketch people advise thes recruits, people that have all sorts of agendas...


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