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July 16, 2009


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Re: Kristina Peterson article - I continue to believe schools are facing a ticking time bomb in that sooner or later players are going to start making disability claims and coming after schools for damages. To the extent the NCAA limited what schools could provide in terms of medical care, the NCAA is going to find themselves the subject of some of that.

Re: Bart Wright/Tommy Bowden article - What a garbage article that was. So what if Tommy Bowden finally called what happened for what it was? We all know he was dismissed. There is no such thing as a multi-million dollar "buyout" for a coach that leaves of his own volition. Wright takes one phrase as an opportunity to vent and rant, and it is unprofessional and bitter.

Re: Gators article - How transparent can they be? They claim not to want autographed items showing up on EBay, so why then are they still allowing some items to get autographed? Plus, what right does the NCAA have to control an individual player's right of publicity? They are so desperate to avoid sharing the money that they just don't care about players' rights or welfare (see the Peterson article on medical problems above).

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