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August 24, 2009


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The NFL supports single game wagering on contests, as long as those contests are between dogs fighting to the death (or otherwise being killed just for the fun of it).


Also, people today greatly exaggerate the authority that Federal courts have, when they issue Opinions about the Law.

Those Opinions are not Laws themselves, nor are they Executive Orders: the Court has no power to make Law or to enforce it... people forget this, and therefore greatly exaggerate the authority of the Courts.

If Delaware thinks they are in compliance with the Federal "Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act", by allowing single game wagers, then should just go ahead and do so, as they planned...

It becomes then a matter for the Department of Justice, and they then might stop by way of an Order from that Law enforcement body, the DOJ.

But the Courts have no such Executive authority, they have only their Opinions of the Law... and we know what opinions are like, they are like the three buttholes in Philadelphia, who wish to uphold Nevada's monopoly on sports wagering.

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