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August 26, 2009


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Every football coach in the Pac 10 is on the phone right now, finding a contractor.


Who cares! If a donor wants to pay for this specific thing, then so be it. If a donor comes to you and says this, do you it to him. Maybe it's not the best way to donate your money, but if it's something that keeps your coach happy...then do it. Keeping successful coaches is part of college football.


I'll take a nice custom bathroom/shower attached to my office anytime.

A billionaire will pick up the tab?

What are billionaires good for otherwise?

This NOTHING story is not about expenses or expense accounts or about billionaires tacking on bathroom additions to the fabulous buildings they build for football squads.

It's about sportswriters who invent sensational and spectacular stories out of nothing and out of thin air, just to draw attention to themselves and keep themselves from unemployment...

Otherwise, it's a story about the cost of a bathroom addition, paid for by someone who doesn't feel a dent.

And I swear, I know guys who could have done just as well for half the cost...

Show me the job, I'll do a better job at that price, and maybe even at a better price too!

(I dream of bidding jobs for billionaires.)

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