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August 08, 2009


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There was a link earlier to a New York Post article that was ridiculous for it's imagined and completely made up phony "anonymous sources" claiming that the Big East might expand and (this was the overblown fiction) that Maryland and maybe Boston College would jump from the ACC to the Big East!

This is one of the things I hate most about pretended sports journalists, that they sit around and make stuff up, just to draw attention to themselves and to keep out of the unemployment line.

I mention this here under the Navy item, because if someone's going to imagine Big East football to expand, they can at least make their imaginations not so crazy... Navy would fit perfectly into Big East football, and for that matter so wouldn't Army. And if those perfect fits were made, then Big East football would be just two teams short of twelve... and a greatly improved Temple and a respectable Buffalo would round it all out nicely.

But the idea of Maryland or BC leaving the ACC (and leaving ACC basketball in the process) is just foolish and stupid and typical of the kinds of things sports writers completely make up to churn the empty air on a slow day, and pretend for their editors that they have insight and inside information, so that they won't get laid off so quickly.


Oh and by the way, if you seriously consider and factor in the great recruiting disadvantage the Military Academies are under, versus how the SEC and ACC and Pac-10 and Big 12 and Big East recruit all of the 'NFL track' High School players, factor all that in, and both Navy and Air Force are far and away the most competitive and over achieving (and best coached) college football teams in the country!

If you think about it, you'll know it's true... especially the part about being the best coached teams in college football.

Because to do more with less, is what good coaching is all about and is what good coaches do.

Don't talk to me about how great Urban Meyer is, because the guy practically has an NFL scout squad for a roster.

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