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August 07, 2009


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Penn State Clips

"The NCAA barred Delaware member schools from hosting playoff football games along with postseason events in any other sport because the state is about to implement legalized single-game sports betting."

What will the NCAA do when Bawney Fwank makes online sports betting legal in every state in America?

It's easy for them now, because Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon are all ranked in the bottom half of U.S. states by population. Maybe the schools need to recruit the Vice President (who is from Delaware) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) to lean on the NCAA.


The new SEC media "policy" stinks. This follows a really annoying trend taking shape among all sports. Every single league feels like they need to start their own channel for some reason. And instead of letting the channel speak for itself, they choose to limit everybody else's access to the product. How in the world does this help your league?

Look at the Mountain West. Who in the world is going to go out of their way to pay for a channel that ONLY broadcasts Mountain West sporting events? Are you kidding me? Granted, the SEC is a bit more attractive than the Mountain West, but at the end of the day all they are doing is limiting their exposure - which I thought was a bad business model.

It angers me as a fan, and worst of all it seems to be against the best interests of the conference long-term. How do you expect to draw in new fans by limiting the access to your product? It seems completely backward.


If the wagering format in Delaware is as they seem to be promising, i.e. single game wagering against the point spread, and (I believe) money lines, and totals, and maybe teasers too (I hope), then I have a prediction to make right now: They're going to have a serious parking problem at Delaware Park on Sundays, and probably Saturdays too! Because maybe fifty thousand bettors (maybe more, I'm serious) are going to drive down there for the action. Who knows how many are going to take the bus or Amtrak. And I think it's great! Because Nevada Vegas has had this unfair monopoly long enough. Why should we on the East coast travel more than half way across the country for legal sports book action, when Delaware is so easy to get to? They should start thinking about how they're going to handle the traffic overflow at Delaware Park, and about how they're going to fit all those bettors into the simulcast room... and about how they're going to handle all that money! Because that's what's going to happen Saturdays and Sundays there, the handle is going to go through the roof!

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