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August 17, 2009


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Rob H

Paul Gattis: Who are Mississippi State's two I-AA games?


In order to get out from under the opinion that a team has played too soft a schedule (and opinions count a lot, as it is opinion that plays the key part of the BCS ranking that determines the Championship game participants), in order to get out from under such an opinion, a team should maybe schedule a really big non-conference tilt, maybe even two, against a top ten caliber program if they can, along the lines of facing a team like Florida or Georgia or LSU or Alabama...

Every single SEC team already has at least two of those four teams scheduled (plus Ole Miss and/or Tennessee too), and so therefore no SEC team can be accused of playing too soft a schedule.

It doesn't get much simpler than that.


I don't think the injury to Oregon State receiver Darrell Catchings should have too much effect on OSU's offense...

But if they should lose their QB, Thyme Passings, to injury...

Or their tailback, Brooks Runnings...

If Passings and Runnings should also be sidelined along with Catchings, I don't know what the heck the OSU offense will do...

They'd probably have to give the ball a lot to Puntings.


The first comment is nothing but circular logic. The SEC is ranked highly (I'm not arguing that they shouldn't be.) However, they don't play ANYBODY other then themselves. If they were a bad conference, the claim that "we're the best, so we shouldn't play anyone else" couldn't be debunked until they actually play decent non conference teams.
In the meanwhile, we'll just have to use the Utah/Alabama games to infer that the SEC may not, in fact, be as superior as its fans believe.


I believe that Brandon Spikes plays for Florida, not Oklahoma. Could be wrong :-}

The Wiz

Nice catch on that one, Adam. It has been corrected.

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