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August 03, 2009


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These complaints about 'creampuff' schedules are old and pointless. Nobody ought to attempt to measure a team based upon everybody they play, or based on the weakest teams they've played: the only real measure is how they did in the couple (or even several) big games they played. For example, Penn State last year: they beat Ohio State in Columbus, they lost by a point to Iowa at Iowa, and they were no real match for USC in the Rose Bowl. That's it, that's the measure of how good they were last year. I could care less how they did against Temple or Syracuse, or Akron or Eastern Illinois (unless they lose those games, which is not what we're talking about here). As long as they play at least two or three big tilts (preferably on the road), then we'll know how good they are. And so the question is old and pointless... now on the other hand, should a team play no big games against any real heavyweights (especially no road games), then that's a different question.


That whole thing about the Hawaii coach, it makes me sick. People need to stand up to the overblown 'pressure' applied by some narrow and strange group that imagines themselves powerful and important (and imagines themselves far more numerous than they really are). In the future, that Coach should use the word 'maricon' (like Ozzie Guillen did), and if someone wants to take some ridiculous overblown offense to the word, you then just say that maybe you misused and misunderstood that Spanish word... you meant to imply an hysterical and effeminate hypersensitivity, and you mistakenly thought that's what 'maricon' meant.


When I fist saw that about a new sponsor for the Motor City Bowl, I thought geez, didn't that dark and cozy little sports book toward the south end of the Strip, didn't they get bulldozed a long time ago? Now they're back, and sponsoring a Bowl Game no less? I forgot, Little Caesars is a pizza joint, isn't it... and sports books on the Strip aren't dark and cozy and personal anymore, are they.


Reading between the lines of the sickle-cell story, it sounds like the NCAA is trying to position itself against any future liability, by starting to blame a cell in the body, when in fact heat exhaustion and heat stroke can cause respiratory and heart failure in anyone of any age or health, and can kill them quick, if they drive themselves (and their workout) madly in the heat... even marathon runners can keel over dead in the heat, and nobody ever blamed a cell for it. It's also an invasion of privacy, in addition to blaming a cell, to test for sickle-cell trait... rather than require or even ask a player to take a test, I'd rather just tell them not to workout in high heat and high humidity conditions. Not all pain is gain.

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