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August 20, 2009


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Simply because this little video message exists supports the fact of the superiority of UT over TT. UT is off being great while TT is off making videos of why they're great.

mike leach

39-33 yep trully great!

Buster J

If the Jeebus loves Tech, then:

- Why does he make them live in the toilet that is Lubbock?

- Why never let them win a conference, much less a national title

- Why will he allow the very, very, very brutal ***-rape that will happen to the red raiders on 9/19/09?


Jesus is giving Austin a false sense of security before he "cleanses" the city with a California style earthquake. Then our great state's capital can be wonderful once again.


jesus christ chill it's kind of a funny video, if ut is really that great why do you feel the need to leave a comment about the video that's kind of stupid. the classic diss on lubbock, having lived in both places no question austin is more fun than lubbock but 90 percent of austin is just as boring as lubbock. lubbock can be fun itself, you just cant be douchebag who constantly needs to be entertained

leach's love child

The best thing about Texas Tech? Their coach. That guy is just wacky. I love listening to him talk. It's like listening to that black sheep uncle who always shows up for Thanksgiving to entertain you with crazy stories of his days as a merchant marine, even though you know 100% sure that he was never in the merchant marines. The football team? Eh. Gimmick. That's why their quarterbacks end up in the Canadian Football League or the Arena Football League. That just about says it all, doesn't it?

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