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September 07, 2009


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Yet the cowards from MN refuse to play UNI! NDSU is our b@@ch as is SDSU and Montana State. Come girls, play an FCS team with some pop!! See you big talkers on November 21!

PantherHawk luvs boyz

Pantherhawk - Man, you are an idiot.....as well as a giant, pathetic loser. The state of Iowa just plain sucks bro. Deal with it and get over your strange obsession with all things Minnesota. Talk about an inferiority complex in the state of Iowas in regards to Minnesota!!

Iowa over-hyped?! Hmmmm.....yeah me thinks so.....and so does the rest of the country now.

Cajun Hawkeye

I don't see what business this is of the fans of the POS team from MN? 55-0 ring a f'ing bell? Here is hoppin a hoodoo lays about three torn ACLs and a busted tibia on your gloating arses this weekend!!

Cajun Hawkeye luvs boyz

Nobody knows of this 55-0 you speak of.

It is truly a shame that UNI lacks a kicking game...


I've seen some Kool-Aid drinking delusional fans before, but nothing like Jon Miler from Hawkeye Nation.

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