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September 03, 2009


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You're exactly right.

Who bets on teams they haven't even seen play yet (because they haven't even played yet)...

That's like telling your friends you're going to propose marriage to the girl you have a blind date with tonight, which would just be nothing but an act of impulsive desperation (I like that you ended the article by citing impulsiveness).

It would also be an act of someone who maybe thinks they're clairvoyant (I agreed with what you wrote under 'Clarity of mind'), but is more likely delusional...

You do know the industry's profits are built on impulsiveness and delusion don't you?

I'll bet you do (because I bet on what I see and therefore know, and not on mere prejudice and speculation, which is too much like gambling, which I don't want to do).


Wiz, Why don't you defend yourself against the Covers readers who have commented, so strongly disagreeing with you?

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