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October 19, 2009


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Patrick M

Even as a UF fan, I must agree with Lake Murray that the SEC has a (disappointing) way of promoting its presumed-elite teams on their way to national accolades. I've observed this on both sides of the coin over the years.

I am in full agreement with you about the calls Saturday and can sympathize. That isn't a good way to "win" a football game.


welcome, college football, to an elite group. you now join the nba as a sport that i will never again watch.

congrats to the florida gators, 2009-10 national champions. that was obviously decided 2 months ago.

Kyle Daniels

I'm not a fan of Florida or Arkansas. Actually not a fan of college football. I know it well, however, after playing through college, coaching, and holding season tickets to the New England Patriots for 17 years. The Arkansas/Florida game was on last Saturday and was a great game to watch with a huge crows of people. The unsportsmanlike conduct and pass interference penalties right in a row which allowed Florida to tie the game were the worst game changing calls I have ever seen in my life highschool, college, or pro. The only thing that makes any sense is that the officiating was a sham and anyone with any brains could easily see that it was. Now I know why I've always found college football to be fourth rate entertainment.


Cooper graps DB jersey pulls him back and run by him and catch TD. NO CALL
But announcers make this the play of the game.

Mary McCullough

The same bozos officiated the GA/LSU game. They need to be let go to officiate local high school games.


HAHAHA. Looks like the $EC figured out that people were onto them (same crew as UGA/LSU) and suspended the officiating crew for 3 games.

HAHAHAHAHHA. Florida got lucky. Just like LSU. How badly does the SEC want at least one undefeated team (besides Bama)?


Alright I'm not down with the conspiracy idea just yet. I mean remember when Arkansas beat number 1 LSU in the boot game... I do. The morals of the SEC is very questionable, but the morals of this particular crew is obviously screwed up. As far as these calls, Tebow jumps around for 5 minutes and there is no call, Ryan Mallet or even Joe Cox, throw anything more than a fist pump in the air and there go the flags.
As far as the judgment call excuses go, just let that go. This game was filled with poor judgment in favor of florida, The O.P.I was obvious, I mean the guy was riding him like a broke mule in my book. The D.P.I, I can see how that could go either way... if you had only caught the tail end of it but these guys are paid well to see that whole play, especially when it only involves two guys. Now for the call on "taunting." Sheppard was a good step and a half past the player, in my opinion he was not taunting the other player.
I am an Arkansas fan all the way, but when the announcers are even calling it out on air, it's really obvious.

Bearcats Fan

I'm a University of Cincinnati fan - so, Ark. and FL. aside - I think this game was handed to the gators.

The play calling was poor at times (normal college stuff) - but the end of the game made it VERY clear 'who' was SUPPOSED to win this game.

Reminds me of this commercial (ref tripping the player) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C8y5z_7YtA

I think the proof is in the pudding, as far as the poor officiating goes, and now the SEC thinks so too ... http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2009/10/21/sec-suspends-officiating-crew/

This one should go in the books as a win for the Razorbacks


What part is questionable about the pass interference call? He was pushing the receiver before he found the ball in the air. Text book pass interference.


Look at the Florida / Iowa game some years back. Strange or ironic, Florida was the recipient of favoritism in that game too.

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