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October 22, 2009


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Norm Shroud

Awful!...just awful!...this crew needs to be suspended for at LEAST a game. THink about how the Minnesota fans are feeling about this game so far!!!

All this happens in JUST the first quarter +!!!

Torrance all over Minn wr Green, and NO CALL!?!?!?!.....OSU ref’s are in a conspiracy to keep OSU alive in the Conference race!....Then a gift 15 yarder on the exchange punt?...WOW!..THIS IS REALLY REALLY PIZZ POOR OFFICIATING!!!

Two plays into the 2nd qtr, a HORRIBLE PI call against Minnesota on a NOTHING play. Dude was in good coverage, and even went OUT of his way to avoid using his hands!.....The Gophers are outplaying the BUCKS, but these gangster officials are helping OSU stay in this game…THERE should be suspensions out of this game…this is SICK!...obviously the officials have bets on this game and do NOT want to lose that $$$....4 calls against Minnesota, NONE on OSU?.....thankfully for MInn, Pryor still cant throw!...or run consistently. (he had one good scramble).

The Saine fumble?...man, there should be a Congressional investigation!!!!

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