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October 19, 2009


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Minnesota fan here - that was pretty low, I agree.


It appears to me that the mascot is praying with the player, not mocking him. The player demands to be seen praying so everyone can see how Christian he is, then fails to shake hands with the mascot after the prayer. Way to send a message about your Christianity.


It's a 19-20 year old college kid dressed up in a furry costume. It was neither low or entertaining.


Goldy copies the actions of all type of people all over the field, I think he just didn't realize what he was mocking until it was too late in this case. Embarassing for that poor Goldy, he probably had no idea how to recover from that one.

Kenny Aasen

I hope that Goldy (goldy locks) learned from that one mistaking mock that Prayer actually does work.
From a Gopher Fan who is happy that the gophers got there but spanked.


Didn't look like mocking to me really, of course i'm not a knee jerk christian that blows up every chance i get.

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