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October 01, 2009


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Darin Link

I agree with then sentiment of the writer and this 'award'. I am going to sound like a whiner, but before I mention names, if a running back rushes for over 2000 yards, TWO years in a row, on a 'losing' team, with not much of a O-line (compared to others in conference), wouldn't that be considered? But no. Didn't happen, because he was on a losing team. So? Isn't the award based on the best athlete? The name of the Athlete? Troy Davis, for Iowa State.

Another thing, speaking of best athletes... why is always (modern era) a QB or RB? Possibly some incredible WR, or even Linebackers, or Linemen, or heck, Kickers/Punters.... Fact is, its who scores, on winning teams, on BCS conferences, and who then is a 'darling' of the press.


David Hyder

Hornung, nicknamed the "Golden Boy," won the Heisman Trophy in 1956 as the year’s outstanding College football player in the United States and is the only player from a losing team (his University of Notre Dame team finished 2-8 that year) ever to win the trophy.



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