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October 14, 2009


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Thank you for continuing to point this out.

It would be a joke if these latest developments didn't threaten to make college football unrecognizably different (in a bad way imo) for future generations of fans.


throw out "against the spread" and the sec is 20-5 ooc, and 7-3 against bcs conferences (i don't see where you're getting 11 games. i only count 10 unless i'm missing one). nice try.


Come on Wiz - against the spread? They don't award wins and losses against the spread. By your logic if the SEC team is favored by 20 in all those games and only wins by 19 they're overrated.

Dude, you just come off as a hater by throwing stats like that out there.

Johnny Tide

This is a terrible analysis. Who cares what the record is against the spread. The spreads are higher because of the known dominance

Not You

Wait... theoretically, if the SEC were overhyped, the spread would then be stacked against the SEC more than they would be able to cover, and would have a bad record against the spread. The fact that they still have a winning record against the spread (Even if said record is 'pedestrian'), would indicate that they are the proper level of hyped...

Boby Fenton

Is the hype a bit much with the SEC? Sure. Hype usually is overdone, or it wouldn't be hype. But this entire post is a reach. I just read that the SEC is the only conference ith a winning record against the BCS conferences and Notre Dame, for the win.


It's safe to say that SEC is the best conference out there but the SEC is also split into two. Say what you will about the Pac-10 but at least they are the only conference to play 9 conference games. SEC has had a difficult time playing outside of the SEC, that's a known fact. UF is 0-2 against Michigan and LSU almost lost to UW. I won't believe the SEC hype until one of them actually beats a Carroll led USC team.


I love it when an analyst takes a conclusion and uses bogus arguments to support it. ATS does not indicate team quality. Ms State and Vandy for out of conference? Who mentions them when speaking of SEC power? And LSU, Auburn, and Georgia examples were in-conference games! C'mon you can do better than this. As for the USC comment by YourMomma, is that the same USC team that loses to unranked opponents every year? Talk about overhyped -- USC is the king of overhyped.

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