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November 21, 2009


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The difference between Texas and Alabama and Florida is that the Longhorns were playing a conference team. The people who talk about every week in November being a playoff haven't seen these schedules in recent years. Alabama and Florida were not playing a playoff, they were playing a payoff!


If these little teams would stop being such eager whores, Alabama and Florida would have to schedule a lesser team from a BCS conference. Notre Dame perhaps?


I'll wait for upir post on December 6th, castigating the PAC-10 and Big-10 champions for sitting on their asses while the SEC pits the nation's number 1 team against the number 2 team.

Seems to me that should make up for FIU and Chattanooga.


Hmmm . . .upir = your


Really? Lumping Texas in there for playing a 'pushover' conference opponent? So somehow it's Texas's fault that Kansas, who started 5-0, imploded mid-season? So Texas should have somehow scheduled a tougher conference opponent? Or, better yet, had some sort of crystal ball to see the future and asked the Big 12 Conference if pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top could Texas swap KU for Nebraska this season?

Or maybe you didn't really mean it and just had your panties in a bunch after your alma mater's decision to schedule two FCS teams finally proved fatal to its bowl "hopes." It's all good. Texas versus Nebraska is how the Big 12 championship game should be anyway.


Check out the SOS morons...Only to go higher when we beat the #2 team...


Bama-Auburn game is Friday. Get your facts straight.

The Wiz

Thanks for that, Adam. Correction noted.

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