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November 11, 2009


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Conray Knox

Ha ha, this is funny, Biggie Smalls said, "More money more problems"...

I love you haters. Without you people would not strive to do better in life. Keep doing your jobs haters,


The SEC is 5-0 in the big game and that's because of the media? Riiiiiiiiiight.

Hate! Hate! Hate!

Bobby Fenton

Are you an idiot, The Wiz? This is one of the most ridiculous and falsely reasoned posts I can recall put up on this site, which is saying a lot.

The Wiz seems to think that the entire argument settles on selecting 2 or 3 game snippets out of a 14-game schedule and using those not only to determine strength of schedule (which is flawed in and of itself), but also to determine overall conference strength (so beyond flawed I don't know what to say). Your logic: USC had a tougher out of conference slate than the SEC teams did. Therefore, the PAC 10 is a superior conference. I am literally shaking my head at how brain-meltingly stupid this is.

You want to say the Pac 10 is better and cite other more legitimate reasons you think exist? That's fine. You want to criticize scheduling? Double fine. We all agree the payout games suck. Go for it. But don't make an idiot of yourself by trying to tie the wrong things together.

The only proof of anything I see in this post is that "USC has scheduled better non-conference games than Florida in recent years". That is instead being presented as some earth-shattering revelation of how the SEC has better parlayed its hype machine. Dynamite journalism, Wiz. What a joke.

Oh and check the OVERALL strength of schedule rankings over the past few years and you'll see Florida at or near the top in both of its title seasons. (Inconvenient truth alert)



I swear this site would be worthless if it weren't for the Reporters Notebooks and Columnists Corner.


you guys have to understand "The Wiz" comes from California (or atleast he wrote for a paper there). So when he gets a chance to create a falsehood about football played East of the Mississippi, he's gonna do it. no matter how dum it is.

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