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November 30, 2009


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Tom - Chicago

You should note that this post has been updated and that you screwed up the lede linking to the article on Jeff Hoover, R.I.P.

The Wiz

That is correct. The Hoover item was updated shortly after it was posted to make a correction to Eastern Illinois.

Carl Spackler

RE: Gaffney's article in Beacon
The Akron and Kent coaches are sitting on gold and don't ever know the local HS coaches very well at all or the players- constantly trying to go out of state to land all the talent is terrible. Look at how good Mt. Union is every year and Youngstown State (usually). There's a reason for it. It's called culling the local talent pool for all it's worth. Every mac school and Big 10 program is stocked with NE Ohio talent and they never push hard enough to keep it home. Sorry JD.

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