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November 09, 2009


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With the Georgia Tech call, I've seen a lot of refs refuse to give the ballcarrier out of bounds if the ballcarrier is hit a couple yards from the out of bounds and driven out by the defender, or even if the ballcarrier drags the defender out. I think it is some kind of forward progress thing. I'd be curious to hear a ref or conference explain, but I'm guessing they'd explain that it was a ruling that his forward progress was stopped in bounds. I've seen it enough times to not be bothered by it. The more problematic thing for me is the failure to stop the clock for the first down.

On the late hit of Tebow, I think it should have been a penalty for unnecessary roughness, but not because Tebow is a QB. When a QB is a ballcarrier and plays as a RB, the rules of roughing the QB do not apply. Tebow faked the run. But that doesn't mean that the defense gets an unlimited shot. It was pretty obvious that Tebow no longer had the ball and the Georgia player hit him well away from the action. Have to throw that flag.

With the Arkansas flags, it seems to me that you have officials committing the cardinal officiating sin in my book: calling based on what they think probably happened, not on what they actually saw. And while fans go haywire over officiating, it is those calls that are the real problem. Refs make mistakes, miss things, don't see some things, or are placed in judgment situations. That's fine, they're human. But the one thing they have to rely on is what they see. They can't go out there and start making calls on what they think they see because they're afraid of missing something. The bad holding calls and pass interference calls I would argue are mostly not mistakes of judgment but mistakes of vision - the referee does not see the foul, but he thinks the foul happened.

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