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December 25, 2009


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Pretty tasteless anytime, but on Christmas?

Disappointing, your standards should be a little higher.


I've got your guys names and the Internet and a long memory. I hope that you guys have daughters, but sisters, nieces, or, hell, even moms will do. Let's see how much they like their moment of fame. I like most of the stuff that you do, but shame on you for this post.


Calm down you babies.

PS It's funny cause it is true


That's not funny, posting that picture to ridicule and embarrass those women.Do better.


No, it's definitely funny...Keep 'em coming, Wiz.

Sideshow Bill

Love it.

Jay Koester

Don't let the party poopers spoil your sense of humor, Wiz. Loved it!


Anyone that complains about this is weak minded and a baby. Sorry losers, but if you disagree with this, you drink pee.


Classic, loved it!


Damn, those girls are beat. Is this typical for ND?

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