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December 27, 2009


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What a shocker...coach nutball needs a break.


Hopefully Jay, something will happen to you health or your family's health that will put you in the same situation.

May I be the first to post on your misfortunes.


Try getting your facts straight. There has been nothing close to "36 felony arrests involving Meyer's players".


this is stupid shit

General Disarray

You know Jay, you normally post links from "reputable' sites, but if you actually read anthing posted on LWS, you'd know how badly you hosed this one up.


The only thing stupid about this shit is whatever shenanigans are going on at Florida. No surprise Gator fans are touchy about anyone making light of your classless, jort-wearing program. All of greasy mulleted cups-of-pee throwers can dish it out but not take it. There's something crazy going on in the swamp, and for all of us who've suffered through 4 years of unreprentant Tebow-loving ESPN emo-pieces it's pretty funny.

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