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January 09, 2010


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I'll bet the guys will be really flying around and have their best week of practice ever pretty soon. Get ready for coachspeak and a head coach who can't do a thing about the problems on offense except hire someone else.

tc beach

Tech needs a gimmick to stand out in that state. once they lose their high octane rep, they'll lose their national exposure.

Ed Frady

I wonder how much ESPN had to do with the selection????


you guys are a bunch of retards if you think Tubby is going to come into Lubbock and change this offense.


one of the things that really frustrated auburn fans was his unwillingness to fire any of his buddies....and the OCs and DCs he kept bringing in were never part of that crew....from what i am reading, he is trying to assemble a lot of the same people around him once again...dunn, knox, price, ensminger, etc...


We'll see how he does. He's a CEO type "coach", he couldn't start to change the offense himself if he wanted to, he'll have to hire someone for that. His situation at AU is nothing like this he's gotten into at TT. I'm anxious to see how it turns out.

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