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March 29, 2010


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I have enjoyed reading Dr. Saturday regularly, but his defense of Meyer was inexcusable.


Nice headline, Wiz!


And Fowler looks like he could take Meyer pretty easily. He should have smacked that fool down.

bob cuomo

Well, at least Meyer apologized, but you're right, he should have done it in public because he threatened Fowler in front of those other reporters. I still think Meyer is a jerk for doing that.


Sometimes the littliest behaviors stay with you forever. Every time I see Urban Meyer, I'll think of the video of him confronting that reporter. To have read the reporter's story in it's entirety, can't help but make you think Urban Meyer is an absolute jerk, a road rager waiting to happen. This private off to the side apology does nothing to erase the impression I have of Urban Meyer. It seems to me that enough people saw the video and are aware of all this, that Meyer needs to hold a press conference, where he needs to be smiling and good natured about it all, and explain that everybody makes mistakes, and he simply overeacted, and he's really sorry about it, and hopes the reporter in question accepts his apology and that everyone can move on and work together like professionals. Anyway, absent something along those lines, Urban Meyer is still every bit the jerk he was in that video clip. His private apology to the reporter is a lame and selfish small-minded way to address this issue. He can do lot better than that.

Urban Decay

Urban Blight.

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