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March 11, 2010


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He didn't say anything shocking or offensive. If anything it was a bit rambling.


The sportswriters and media who feed off this crap needed a coach like Mike Leach to get in their a$$ when they were a kid and teach them how to be tough. They were writing poetry and playing video games, instead of playing sports and that's why some run-of-the-mill coaches rant is some "breaking story" to them. HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!!

Arthur Epps

How ridiculous. Are you Tech fans happy with your love for this nutbag? And to all of you who think this is how people, as kids, become "tough" ... nuts to all of you! But, I'm fine with whatever he does -- what do I care? But, the proof's in the pudding: Leach is out of coaching football and hopefully, will stay out of the game for some extended period of time -- like forever! How does cussing at players make them more productive? The answer is: It doesn't. Is Leach, a so-called "genius" of a man/coach, so ineloquent that he can't get his @#$%&^% point across without @#$%^&* cussing? And, I actually like the guy. I think he was fun to watch as a coach. That he threw up many mediocre season records is testament to his style of coaching. Just because "it happens all the time" doesn't make it right. Listen up Tech-loving Leach-loving fans: GO RUN INTO THE WALL UNTIL YOU CHANNEL THIS NUTBAG INTO YOUR HEAD ... REPEAT DAILY."


Leach talks like a thousand other College and Pro coaches and assistant coaches. If you find his manner of address shocking, all I can suggest is that you never, ever join the Army. When did America convert into a bunch of sniveling, whiny pussies? Mike Leach won games precisely because this mentality was intolerable. Could he have phrased things better? Sure. But he was never an English major. Leach is only out at Texas Tech because of Craig James. Had it been a someone without a public voice, he (Leach) would still be the head coach. It may not be "right", Zak, but like it or not, that is the game and this is how it is played.


Other than the foul language, I don't see a problem with what he's doing. He's trying to motivate his playeres to work harder and put a complete game together.


If we had more like Leach, we'd have fewer thugs playing sports. I wish he would go a step further, and ride the thugs , thieves, and grade dodgers out altogether. What colleges do today is a crime. We supplement, fund, and cover for thugs to make them millionaires in the NFL, lie about their education , lie about their character, to win ballgames. It's nothing new, but a shame we get some non-speaking delinquint a 4 year education, while some deserving kid that can't play ball goes broke trying to pay for college.

gerry dorsey

if you're looking for eloquence in the football locker room, i think you'll find it right next to the tampons.


Sorry about the bad language, but he was right about the teams attitude. They'd win and think they were f........ UT!


And Texas Tech basketball head coach Pat Knight used in on the BB court in front of thousands directed to a player during a game...by by asking him "What in the f..... are you doing? So don't think that is so rare, is isn't! And most of you in shock will pay an hours wage to go watch a movie where that language is prime. Get over it.

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