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March 17, 2010


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Seems like alot of the talk lately has been about the Big East moreso than the Big XII schools. Seems the Big East is almost expecting to lose one team, just hoping to mitigate losses by not losing more teams.


The only Big East schools that would be considered by the Big 10 are Rutgers and Pitt, and Pitt is a stretch since the Big 10's emphasis is on Television Market Share and improving football performance.

The Big 10 already owns Pennsylvania thanks to Penn State, and Pitt very rarely flirts with competence in football--basketball is another story, though. And while the Big 10 broadcasts in Ny/NJ, they split time with the ACC and Big East currently on ABC/ESPN, depending on the game in question.

I'm thinking the Big 10 is going to grab three teams: Nebraska (football prowess, national fanbase), Mizzou (St. Louis/KC markets), Rutgers (NY/NJ markets).



I would agree with you about the Big 10 going after Nebraska, Missouri and Rutgers. I never really heard of any other Big East schools being under consideration for any move besides Pitt and Rutgers, though.

Where did the discussion about other Big East schools (aside from Notre Dame) come from?


If a Big East team does join the Big Ten, the remaining schools need to think outside the box. They should merge with the Mountain West Conference for football only. This would allow Big East bball to stay intact and create a very interesting BCS football conference. The top teams in this conference could play with anyone. Thought would need to go in the divisional line-ups to create cross country interest. else. Some

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