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June 11, 2010


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Poor choice of weekend for a vacation... probably the most important few days of college football news since this blog started.


dumb luck, that. i'm sure the wiz scoped out when all the important news was going to hit the fan when he booked his vacation three months ago.


Apparently all that stood between college athletic stability and collegmageddon was The Wiz. He'll probably get it all straightened out again when he gets back. CU, NU, and possibly others are going to have some 'splainin to do.


Hope your mom is doing better. Please say hello to your parents for me...


jerry mandering

The Wiz is a one-man operation. He feeds your sorry asses with college football news on his own time. He'll be posting soon cry baby.


If sportif's comment is accurate, I, too, hope that everything is OK.
This blog >>> any other college football source. Take your time. Whenever you come back, the clusterfuHc that is conferences will still be here.
Best wishes.

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