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August 06, 2010


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Now schedule Indiana, Nebraska or Wisconsin.

Will Smithrock

My nomination is:


Of course, y'all know that Boise State is the proud owner of the original CLOWN CARPET.


The Red Scare.


You probably should have had a poll about whether to spend the money on a red playing surface. If Boise State's blue surface shows up badly on television imagine a bright red surface. Yikes.


What next? Orange turf for the Volunteers? Purple turf for the Huskies? Gold turf for the Irish? I could go on.....


Saturday Night Live had a skit about 'Bad Idea Jeans' several years ago. It's that time again...


fake grass perth

Synthetic turf has come a long way. Increased user requirements and intense competition have given rise to a new generation of synthetic turf systems that replicate the look and playability of natural, lush grass. Athletes enjoy significantly more playing time without the need for resource - intensive maintenance. Homeowners, businesses, parks, municipalities and government entities use synthetic grass as an attractive landscape solution that saves time, money and helps the environment.

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